My work as an visual artist focuses on phenomena, trends and developments that are connected with the digitalization of our society.

The usage of different medias such as cellphones, computers, Apps and other devices e.g. navigation aids result in datasets. This is the initial source of my inspiration in creating self-contained realities. Sculptures, objects, installations and graphics are the result of a further development process based on the obtained data.
During the creative process I analyze the elements of the picture of the data mapping and start to alienate, fragment, recombine and rescale them.
By means of self-determined rules I transfer the information into particular spaces of imagination. This results in autonomous shapes and figures, always referring to the here and now.
My interests in creative processes of finding shapes and forms are focused on linear forms, geometric structures as well as basic materials. Often I end up using industrial prefabricated materials.
Furthermore I play and experiment with the visibility of toolmarks that refer to manual processing. From my artistic point of view these traces of craftsmanship are haptic responses to the supposed precision of the immaterial, digital world.


since 2019 film/video studies at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (guest student)

2017 Bachelor of fine arts
2013-2017 fine art studies at HBK, Essen
2012-2013 fine art studies at fadbk, Essen
Born in Erlangen
Lives and works in Essen


Places festival 2020|Creative Places Residency

Resindency 2019|Ready for VR Experience|jfc

FuturLab 2018|Ready VR Artists|Art in new digital rooms|residency program

Nominee award artig 2018

Nominee award SchlossGalerie 2018, Kunstverein Rastatt e.V. in cooperation with the city Rastatt



Flatter Exhibition|Galerie plan.d.|Düsseldorf

Contemporary Art Ruhr|2019|Foto/Media Art Fair

Rundgang 2020|Kunstakademie Düsseldorf|class Prof. Marcel Odenbach



Datenzelle|Die Digitale|Düsseldorf

So Konkret|Mathildenhof|Essen

Real_Digital|Galerie no. 15|Cochem|(S)

Vierklang|Kunsthaus Langenberg e.V.|Velbert


Phänomene|Kulturmorgen|Alte Zollhalle Solingen

C.A.R Talents|Contemporary Art Ruhr



EinBlick, Kunstverein Solinger Künstler, Solingen

nichts ist ohne Raum ist nichts, Scheidt`sche Hallen, Essen

C.A.R Talents, Contemporary Art Ruhr

artig 2018, Galerie KUNSTREICH, Kempten Katalog
KUNSTrausch Nr. 12, Galerie Luzia Sassen, Windeck/Schladern

Kölner Liste 2018, Contemporary Art Fair, Köln

first class, Art Room, Düsseldorf
Future Artists Future, Forum Kunst und Architektur, Essen
NOW, Gallery Clowns und Pferde, Essen
Aufzeichnungen, Gallery AUF, Essen|E

unter Gleisen, Kunsthallen Rottstr5, Bochum
Ortsverwandschaften, Garage Galerie Tedden, Oberhausen

nach Ela, Messelwiese im Moltkeviertel, Essen
Nomination 5th Advancement Award, HBK, Essen
Degree Show, HBK/fadbk, Essen

aRTessen, Zeche Zollverein, Essen